Q: Is Whitening Safe?
Q: Are You A Candidate?
Q:  How Do I Get Started?


A: The first step is to schedule your complimentary consultation.  During this one-hour visit one of our teeth whitening experts will meet with you to discuss your whitening treatment options.   Your current tooth shade will be determined and a shade guide meter is used to show you the lighter, whiter shades that you can expect to achieve.  We will assess your individual situation, taking into consideration any artificial dental work you might have or sensitivity levels you are currently starting with.  Any questions you might have regarding the process will be answered and a customized protocol will be designed just for your specific case.  During this visit, if you choose, before and after photos and molds of your teeth can be taken to start the process.  However, you may just wish to use the visit to gather information as their is no obligation to begin any treatment at that time.


At Whitesmiles, our
trained staff has over
18 years of experience working with professional whitening systems.



A: If you have stains caused by coffee, tea, smoking, aging, braces or inherited tendencies then teeth whitening could be beneficial for you.

Whitening is ideal for those 12 years of age and older.
Whitening is not effective on crowns (caps), tooth-colored fillings and other artificial dental work. A healthy mouth is most important; therefore whitening should only be preformed by those with healthy teeth.

A: Teeth whitening has been performed safely and effectively for years and continues to increase in popularity. Significant research has shown that whitening has no adverse effects on the teeth. Additionally, we use American Dental Association approved products.

Slight sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages
is common during the first few applications of
whitening and is temporary.

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